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4th Of July SUPER SALE

The Ultimate Baseball Bundle 
98.1% OFF!!

For THREE DAYS ONLY and for the first time ever, you can access over $14,455.00 of my best courses, program, master classes, and more - for a miniscule fraction of the normal price ...

Here's Everything You're Getting... 

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5mph Guarantee Workshop 

90mph Club Core

Pitching Hacks 

100mph Club

Arm Strength and Velocity Summit The Fearless Pitcher Series 

High-Velocity Mechanics Series

Pitch Command vs Velocity… Is One More Important Than The Other? 

The Strategic Pitcher: Developing A “Lock Down” Mindset 

The Pitchers Guide To Get Back On Track When You Don’t Have Your Best Stuff 
Maintaining Velocity, Command And Mechanics During The Season 

The Struggling Pitcher: How to Turn Your Season Around Today 

Pre-Pitch Routine 

Pitching With Confidence In Scary Situations 

The Strategic Pitcher: Developing A “Lock Down” Mindset 

The Pre-Season Plan For Pitching Your Best On Opening Day 

Should Your Son Call His Own Pitches? f

The Magic Formula For Pitching Velocity Masterclass 

The Pre-Game Routine Of The Pros 

Becoming A Big Game Pitcher 

Throwing Deadly Change-Ups and Sinkers 

Throwing Incredibly Filthy Curveball, Sliders, and Cutters 

Reading A Hitters Mind 

The Velocity Roadmap 

Filthy Pitches Workshop 

Advanced Sinker Training 

Advanced Change Up Training 

Advanced Cutter Training 

Safe Curveballs 

17 Velocity Questions Answered 

3 Velocity Drills 

4 Velocity Activators

31 Courses 



.400 Hitters Workshop 

New Rules Of Hitting 

Truth About Hitting 

Awesome Batting Practice 

Hitting Hacks Report (Digital)

21 Things Every Father Should Know If His Son Is Going To Be a Great Hitter 

Hacking The Pitcher 

The Lost Ted Williams Hitting Secret 

100mph Hitters Club 

Battle Tested and Game Ready Hitter

Hitters Strength Drills 

Explosive HItting Drills 

Wipping Out Hitting Flaws 

At Home Hitting Plan

Trouble with the Curve? Here’s How To Hit A Curveball...

Lacking Solid Contact?

The Top 5 Myths Of Hitting 

Too Many Strikeouts? Watch This! 

The Art of Scouting Hitters

The Mindset of Elite Hitters On Gameday 

Warm-Up Hitting Routine 

How To Track The Right Info For Better Game Performance

Can't Catch Up? Problem Solving for Hitters Who Are Too Late On Pitchers

Early and Ahead? Problem Solving For Hitters Who Are Too Early 

Creating A Dynamic Team Hitting Practice 

5 Ways The Batting Tee Ruins A Swing and How To Overcome It 

Game Day Strategy: "Commit to Hit" 

Is Your Son A Pop Up Machine? 

The New Age Hitter: What Every Player, Parent and Coach Needs To Know 

The Mentally Tough Hitter: Train The Brain Like a Game

Does Your Son Hit Too Many Ground Balls? Watch This! 

The Top 3 Drills Used to Create Exit Velocity 

The Magic Formula For Hitting Power And Pitching Velocity Masterclass 

The Truth About Opposite Field Hitting 

World Class Timing for Hitters Masterclass 

The Bullet Proof 2 Strike Hitter 

Every Hitting Problem Your Player Could Ever Have… Solved! 

Hitting Ugly 

The Truth About Bat Speed Exit Velocity Power and Launch Angle 

Ultimate Hitting Practice

Pre-At Bat Routine 

41 Courses 



My Son Played College Baseball Roundtable 

21 Unbreakable Rules Of Recruiting
Truth About Scholarships 

Getting Attention From Coaches 

Getting Recruited 

25 Questions You Must Ask A College Coach 

4 Crucial Steps To Get Your Son Recruited 

What Role Should Your High School or Travel Coach Play? 

How To Talk To College Coaches 

Scholarship Reality: Can Your Son Secure A Baseball Scholarship? 

Preparing For A Showcase: How To Make Sure Your Son Gets Noticed 

College Recruiting for The 11th Grader: You’re Late, But There’s Still Time! 

College Recruiting For The 10th Grader: It’s Crunch Time!  

College Recruiting For The 9th Grader: Getting An Early Start 

College Recruiting Services The Good, The Bad, The Ugly And The Downright Rip Offs 

The Recruiting Window 8 Crucial Steps for Effective Coach Communication 


16 Courses 



Getting Noticed by Coaches, Scouts, and Recruiters 

Locked In Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness Workshop 

Getting Your Son To The Next Level 

Guardian Course

How To Talk To Your Son

The Parents Guide Going To Cooperstown
Baseball Dads Pitching Seminar

Head Case: Goal Setting Masterclass 

7 Crucial Conversations Every Baseball Father Must Have With His Son 

How To Reach, Inspire, And Coach The Gen Z Player 

Being Clutch 7 Tournament Player Mindsets Your Son Must Know 

What To Do When Your Son Messes Up 

7 Ugly Truths About Travel Baseball That Every Parent Needs to Hear

How To Get Your Son In The Zone 

15 Courses 




Arm Care Series: Pt. 1

Arm Care Series: Pt. 2

Arm Care Series: Pt. 3 

Arm Care Series: Pt. 4

Arm Care Series: Pt. 5

Arm Care Series: Pt. 6 

Arm Care Series: Pt. 7

Arm Care Series: Pt. 8

8 Courses



Arm Strength and Velocity Summit

Baseball Technology Summit
Baseball Strength Summit 

Hitting Power Summit  

90mph Club Certification

Fearless Pitcher 

Fearless Team 

7 Courses



You're getting three $100 BEC Gift Cards

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Cards will be issued to your account after the Super Sale is over


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Normally $14,455 

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