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Your Son Is Leaving 3mph to 5mph On The Table? 


No more wondering, confusion, or frustration.

Every pitcher is leaving 3mph to 5mph on the table because they were taught low-velocity mechanics.

After your son takes the Velo Tests, he'll see and feel exactly how much harder he can throw when putting high-velocity mechanics to work for him. 

Most pitchers put blind faith in instruction or training programs, hoping they deliver. They invest a lot of time, effort, and money and then run to the radar gun while crossing their fingers, hoping it worked.

Because of this, Most pitchers come to us frustrated and confused about how to throw harder, and they're skeptical about trying another program. They've been made promises and been burned.

❌ They've gone to the camps. 

❌ They've gone to the lessons. 

❌ They've blown money on the programs

... and 

❌ They've 5 different coaches who told them 5 different things

(and that the other 4 coaches they went to were wrong).

I get it, but...

🤯 What If Your Son Could See
The Radar Gun Reading First?

What if he could see how much harder he could throw with high-velocity mechanics?  

Imagine if he has 3mph, 4mph, 5mph? 6mph? Or even 7mph of hidden velocity he can put start putting to work for him? 

After he takes the Velo Tests, He won't have to wonder;

he'll know! He'll FEEL IT And SEE IT. All confusion and doubt will be gone. 

                            🚨 Your Son Needs These Tests! 🚨


Here's Why...

🔥 Velocity is the name of the game. I don't like it any more than you do, but the first thing a coach (at all levels) looks for is velocity. 

💪 Motivation! Wait til you see the look on his face after he sees how much velocity he has inside of him. You'll see a new kind of motivation and dedication emerge. 

🏆 Not Quitting! Too many pitchers quit the game early because they're frustrated or don't think they have the ability. It makes me sick thinking of the pitchers who would have stayed in if they had these tests. 

⚾️ A Bigger Future - My favorite part is pitchers who see a new level of opportunities open up for them once they know what they're capable of. They start to see new levels they play at...better travel teams, All-stars, High School teams, college, and even the pros. 

Your son can run through these tests today, and you can see, feel, and know how much Velo he has, increase his motivation, and see a bigger baseball future take shape before your eyes.

There are 7 Velocity and you could run through these tests in 15 - 20 min tops. 
All 7 tests can be done in your backyard or down at the park. 

I've never released these before or included them in any program I've created. The only way to get these tests is to work with me personally, which starts at $695. 

I want as many pitchers to have these tests so they can see how much velocity they're leaving on the table, so I'm giving you all 7 of the Velo Tests for just $29. 

Click here to order now, and you can see the velocity your son has in the next few minutes. 

Paul Reddick 

P.S. - In the last 9 months, I've personally taken 123 pitchers through the Velo Tests. Every pitcher had hidden velocity. 

3 Pitchers had 7mph

3 Pitchers had 6mph

32 Pitchers had 5mph

35 Pitchers had 4mph

49 Pitchers had 3mph 

Here are some of the results. Please note that this doesn't represent their total velocity. This is the difference in testing their raw velocity. 

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