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Give Your Son What He Needs For The Next Level!
The Ultimate Bundle  FREE !



Thank you so much for picking up the Bundle. You made the very best decision by investing In your son today because most players fail, not because they aren't good enough, but because they didn't have the right coaching and instruction. 


The Bundle you ordered is a map that guides you through the current stage of your son's career - you don't want your son to get to the end of this stage and not have the maps that take him the rest of the way. This will lead to better performance and increased confidence.


Give your son the maps for the next phase and his entire career by upgrading him to our Ultimate Baseball Bundle.

The next stage of your son's career is coming fast, and I want to ensure you're ready for it. 

Don't you want your son prepared and covered for the next level and the rest of his career for FREE? 

I want to Upgrade your trial pass to include our Ultimate Baseball Bundle FREE. 

Check out everything you're getting...


Getting all this info from our website at retail would cost you north of 10,000. Because you're part of the family now, and I know you want to protect your son's career, I want to give you a 98% discount on the Ultimate Bundle. It's only available on this page right here, right now. If you leave, it's going to cost you 10k+. 


As you look at all that's included in the Bundle, you'll start to see things you know your son needs now and into the future. You get confidence and security knowing that your son is covered for the rest of his career. What you get is not the best coaching on the planet. 

Imagine your son's confidence when he knows you are guiding him through every phase of his career because you had the foresight to prepare the information he needed. 

You'll also be joining a pretty solid community, nearly 90% of the parents, players, and coaches on this page see the value and grab their Ultimate Bundle. 


But, as our policy, I'm not even going to ask you to invest in it now. I'll extend the same Trial Pass you got on your Bundle. If you love it, it will be just six easy installments of $49. That's it. 

Let Me Also Upgrade You In My Phone!!
((( PIC OF PHONE ))))

When you upgrade today... I'll send you a text message to make sure you have my direct number, and I'll add you to my phone with VIP after your name!

If I get a text or a call from a name with VIP next to it, I stop everything I'm doing and return the text of the call. 

All you have to do is click the button below that says "UPGRADE TO THE ULTIMATE BUNDLE," You'll be upgraded and given immediate access to the Ultimate Baseball Bundle and VIP status in my contact list. 

This is a special offer, and it's not going to be around forever. We care so much about players but also have to run a business  - the more people that get this-the less people will buy it for full price, so because of that, we're offering this for a limited time to those who invest in a bundle. 


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