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Can A Single Printed Page Change Your Son's Baseball Career? 

A few years back I stumbled upon a secret that transformed my coaching career. I was listening to a west coast college baseball coach being interviewed on a New York sports radio show. As the interview ended the hosts thanked the coach for getting up early fo the interview. The coach said "No problem. I get here at 6 am to get work in while nobody is around" 

perked up and said to myself "He's in the office right now. I should call him" so I did. He picked up the phone and talked to me for nearly an hour. 

What I had discovered is that every college coach in the country is in his office early without any gatekeepers. Every morning I called a different college coach. They took my call, spent time with me, and answered every question. A good number of them photocopied stuff and sent it to me...practice plans, playbooks, line-up cards. All they asked was I reimburse them for the stamps. No sweat! 

Do you know the difference that made in my coaching career? 

Do you know the decades of collective wisdom I received from those coaches? 

Do you know how many mistakes they kept me from making? 

Do you know how the secrets they shared with me helped my teams and my players succeed? 

There's nowhere else I could have gotten that education. 


As you may know, I keep two hours open in my daily schedule to take phone calls from mostly baseball dads. No strings attached. Like those coaches who helped me, I'm there to help them. 


I've been doing it for 6 years. Our scheduling software glitched and stopped counting the calls I've done about 4 years ago. It stopped at 1701 calls. 

I don't know exactly how many calls I've done since, but it's gotta be in the thousands. 

Can you imagine the collective experience and wisdom I've learned from these dads? 

Success leaves clues. 

I've learned...
- What helped their sons jump to the next level

- What helped their sons throw harder and hit with more power
- How they picked teams and coaches. 

- How they got their son recruited 

- How they helped their son through tough spots of the game 

But, if success leaves clues, failures teach lessons. 

I've also learned...
- What coaches caused their kid to quit the game
- What instructional programs got their son hurt

- What events and camps are rip-offs 

- Mistakes dads made managing their son's career 

- How their son got burned out and quit the game. 

I've compiled The Secrets that have made the greatest difference and boiuld them all down to 10 critical lessons your son must learn and I'm gonna put them in your mailbox absolturly FREE! 

I've put each lesson on one page so that your son can the lesson faster and easier. 




Here's what you're getting: 


THE HOME RUN HITTING SECRET - The keys that unlock home run hitting power. Players see 1 to 3 pitches a game they can crush. This is how to spot them. 


THE BOUNCE BACK SECRET - Armed with this secret your son will be able to take baseball's best shot and get right up and back in the game. 


THE BIG GAME SECRET - Your son will play big when it matters most and be immune to the "pressure" that causes other players to crack. Other Dads will ask how he does it. 


THE VELOCITY SECRET - Your son has 3 to 5 mph in him right now. This secret takes 1 second to execute but can have him throwing gas for the rest of his career.


THE PRE-GAME TALK SECRET - When you use this secret you'll be shocked at how focused and ready to play your son becomes. It almost works like magic. 


THE FISHERMAN SECRET - A pitcher who knows this secret can pitch until he can't walk (Ask Jamie Moyer). A hitter who knows this secret becomes a pitcher's worst nightmare. 

THE ATTENTION SECRET - Using this secret will get coaches, scouts, and recruiters to perk up and take notice. You'll watch as they look right past more talented kids to see your son. 


THE INTIMIDATOR SECRET - Hall of Fame players have used this secret for over 100 years to strike fear into the hearts of their opponents. They won the game before it was even played.

Plus, I'll also send you free updates on the house. Each time I write up another secret, I'll send it to you. Like the coaches who helped me, all they asked was I cover the postage and they sent me the most amazing stuff. I'll do the same for you.  

Why am I mailing this to you
and not and not sending it digitally? 


  1. ATTENTION - These pages could change your son's career and they need attention away from technology. I wrote them to be a 2 min read, so it fits for a modern attention span. :- ) 

  2. HAND OFF EFFECT - I want you to read it fast and hand it to your son. Something cool happens when you read something and then hand it to another person. There's a curiosity built into that and it will cause your son to pay attention. Especially when it's about something important to them. 

    Plus, we both know what happens when something gets sent to the pit of the download folder. 




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Pink and Yellow Creative Craft Book Cover-2.jpg
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