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Hi, I'm Paul Reddick. I'm a baseball coach, speaker, mentor, and author.

I don't do improvements or tweaks. 

I do breakthroughs! I deal in results. 


If you put your son in front of me (in person or over Zoom), 

I will change his career. 


The potential you see in him, I'll bring that out. You'll see a visible change in his game, and that's not all. You'll see his confidence soar. You'll see his grades get better. I set a standard of excellence for players, then coach and guide them to hold that standard.


There is no other coach who does what I do.


I operate differently than my colleagues because I'm not trying to win games, fill a facility, or a team roster. My sole focus is your son.



Virtual Velo - Give Me An Hour, And I'll Show Your Son 3mph to 5mph (some as much as 7mph) - Email me for more info.

Instant Sinker - Give Me An Hour, And I'll Show Your Son A Sinker He Can Start Using Immediately - Email me for more info.

Tough Pitchers - Give Me An Hour, And I'll Show Unleash The Fierce Competitor In Your Son - Email me for more info.


BASEBALL DADS ASSOCIATION - The game changes fast. Here's the answers baseball dads need - Click Here.

Baseball Dads Podcast - Click here to Listen.

You can read my full bio here, hear from my students here and prominent baseball people here.

If you'd like to discuss working with me, text or email me, and we'll set up a time to discuss. 

My phone number is 201-323-0840
Direct email:

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