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You’re on this page because I saw level 2 greatness in you during our time working on your pitching together 

Level 1 Greatness = I think you’re a good kid, and you have potential. I’d like to work with you. Here’s some of our programs. Let me know…

Level 2 Greatness is something different. 


Level 2 Greatness is... I see high-level greatness in you. I see all the raw material I need to see as a coach to help you. I want to be your coach and be part of helping you bring that out, so I’m willing to work with you on tuition to make that happen. 


If you work with me for a year, I’ll rip that greatness out of you. 


Here’s How We’ll Do It:

4 One-on-One Follow-Ups - These are 30 min sessions where we will install the next 3 High-Velocity Positions and progress your training program.

TOUGH PITCHER CLASSES - These weekly live classes have to be experienced. This class is a simulated game that will have you pitching with unshakable confidence and focus. All I can say is buckle up and be prepared for your confidence to soar.  


WEEKLY TOUGH PITCHER MESSAGES - Each week, I send my players an audio message right to their phone. Topics focus on toughness, confidence, focus, and strategy.


REAL-TIME MENTORING - All of my players know that I’m there for them when they have a question, run into a challenge, or just need advice. It could be a question about throwing a better breaking ball, how to get ready for a big game, bouncing back, or dealing with a difficult team situation. I’m always just a text or call away. 


PARENT SUPPORT - Just like I’m there for my players, I am also there for my parents. Any question, challenge, or situation…I’m there to help. 


1. WARRIOR PITCHER COURSE: Fast, Filthy, Feared, & Focused - The FAST module will serve as source material for our work together. The Filthy, Feared, and Focused modules you can use to take it to the next level. 

2. 100mph CLUB COURSE - If you really want to dive deep into what I teach, this is a full 8-hour seminar I did for my players. 

3. FEARLESS PITCHER MASTER CLASS - a 6-part master class that dives deep into how the best pitchers in baseball take the mound focused and confident. 


Tuition is normally $1799, but because I want you in my program. I'll knock 33% off and also apply the $199 from your initial lesson to your tuition, which brings it down to just $999 for the year, or you could break it up into 3 installments of $333. 

You can complete registration by clicking below 

One Installment of $999 

Three Installments of $333


Paul Reddick 🏆

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