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This Eliminates Pre-Game Anxiety &

Snaps Your Son Into A Confident Playing State?

(Even if he’s already playing well) 


What if pre-game jitters have nothing to do with the player and
everything to do with something his
coaches have been

teaching him since he started playing? 


In the last few years, studies at Harvard and Yale have reported incredible breakthroughs in areas of sports psychology and mental toughness. Given these advancements, it’s never been easier for your son to get locked into what’s called a Confident Playing State before a game. 










😨 73% Of Athletes Report Feelings Of Anxiety.

Athletes who overcome anxiety and get
 into a Confident Playing State are 

5x more likely to play at their best. 🏆

Because of these new advancements, your son doesn’t need a bunch of woo-woo mental game tactics or a 16-step pre-game routine to eliminate anxiety, get into a Confident Playing State so he can play at his best. 


Getting to a Confident Playing State is actually a very natural thing once anxiety is eliminated. 


Eliminating anxiety is the hard part. 


In fact, if your son is experiencing pre-game anxiety or jitters and has yet to get the Confident Playing State, I promise you, it has nothing to do with him and his ability. 


😱 Is Your Son Caught In The Anxiety Loop?
















What if I told you that your son has been coached into the “Anxiety Loop”, and that’s what’s causing it? 


Your son’s been so conditioned to play in this loop, it’s just a habitual pattern, like all patterns, it can be broken. 


…and, if you haven’t been able to help your son, it’s not your fault either. You were probably taught the exact same loop and didn’t even know it.


His coaches are not to blame either. They have the best intentions, they are just using outdated information that doesn’t work for this new generation of players. 


With all of this misinformation and outdated instruction, how could we possibly help our sons? It’s like they’re starting each game with one hand tied behind their back. 


💪 Breaking Out Of It! 💪

If all of this has left you worried about your son’s future, fearful he’ll never break the “anxiety loop”, and desperately wanting to get this fixed, so he can play his best, have no fear. Together, we’ll put the worry to rest, eliminate the fear, and get this fixed for your son. 


What If I told you I could knock out your son’s pre-game anxiety in 19 minutes flat, you’d want me to do it, right? 


I thought so.


I’ll show you what closes the loop, and snaps your son into the zone so he can have the confidence to play at his best. 


I just recorded a class for my mentoring clients that closes the anxiety loop and delivers your son to the Confident Playing State, and I want you to have it. 


🔥 Pre-Game Focus Primers! 🔥


You’ll also get the Pre-Game Focus Primers I use with my players that snaps them out of the anxiety loop. These simple questions calm nerves, settle emotions, and restore focus. Just ask the questions as I’ve written them for you. Your son won’t even realize you’re doing it, he’ll just know that talking to you got him focused…and you’ll look like a wizard.


Normally, you’d have to fork over $295 per hour and become one of my mentoring clients to get this info, but because this is such an issue and this has been studied, researched, and proven to help players break the anxiety loop, I can’t hold it back. 


You’re getting instant access to the Confident Playing State class and the Pre-Game Focus Primer class and now for just $7. 


A drop in the bucket compared to helping your son get to a Confident Playing State.


You pay more at the McDonalds drive-thru for a post game burger.  


🦸🏻‍♂️ You’ll Be Your Son’s Hero! 👏




All The Risk Is On Me!


If in the rare situation, that you feel this class doesn’t help your son, I’ll give you every penny back, and you can keep the program. No questions asked, and we stay friends. 


🛑STOP! Before you jump to register …


💪 Imagine your son in a Confident Playing State.


👍 Because you got him to that state, imagine how well he’s going to play. 


👨‍👦 When he plays that well, and he knows who helped him get there, imagine how that’s gonna feel. 


👊 That’s a parent’s job. 


Let's Recap: 
You're getting The Confident Playing State class recordings and the Pre-Game Focus Primers. Both of these programs are audio master classes so they're perfect to listen to on a ride to a game or practice. You can also speed them up for even faster learning. 

This class has never been available. I don't want any player to struggle with anxiety so I'm making this a no brainer and giving it to you for just $17. That's it. No strings. 

Pursue Victory! 🏆

Paul Reddick 

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