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12 K's and First Complete Game!


I just wanted to thank you for the help my son has received from your course. Christopher just turned 11 and tops out in the low 60's. Last week he threw his 1st complete game One hitter with 12 k's and 1 walk and it was due to him doing the super 7's workout. He has now learned how to pitch using his entire body instead of pitching with just his arm like most 10 and 11 year olds. Again, I just wanted to give you a quick thanks.



Ryan Wohlert


SITTING IN THE 90's! Playing For The National Team!!


Just wanted to thank you again for everything. Been doing the program for months now. Sitting 92-95 with a devastating slider and developing 2 seam. I'll be heading out to Colombia with the 18u USA team. Wish us nick!

Nick Travieso

Throwing 91 MPH In The Last Inning, Unhittable Slider, Devistating Change Up!


Paul, I am a member of the 90mph club and i use the super 7's and energy very often before an after I pitch. Great stuff. I joined this to gain more stamina which i have. I'm 17 and since i was around 12 I have been a first baseman/closer. In high school same scenario. I'd come in from first base and shut the door. The only reason i have been closing is because I have a mid 90's fastball. I was never really able to stay on the bump for more than 3 innings without getting tired. I worked on the super 7's and energy for about 2 months. I haven't seen much velocity gain but i have seen an increase on on my stamina and consistency on the mound, which I have been wanting forever. I had my first start in years a few weeks ago and the numbers speak for themselves. 5 innings 1 walk 9k's and a hit only 1 unearned run. The huge surprise for me is that in my last inning of work i was still sitting 90-91. With the program i have developed a nasty nearly unhittable slider and now a devastating change-up too. This stuff really works. 

- Nick Travieso

5 MPH After 1 Workout?


Much like the mom who just got started, so did we. I want to know, just what have you done to my son? He was a little reluctant to start another program, I've bought them all, and begrudgingly did the WE7 workout yesterday for the first time. For a baseline, he is a 16 yr old LHP, topping out around 82 in January.

After only one WE7 workout, but closely watching all of the Week 1 and Week 2 videos, he found his Queen Bee and pitched a bullpen, topping out at 87 with accuracy he hasn't had in 2 years! All of this while his legs were shaking from the workout the day prior. We are absolutely amazed! I feel like I stole this info for such a low price because the results were immediate!

Michael hasn't had a decent outing in 2 years. He was a Team USA 14u Finalist in 2009 and broke his left wrist 2 weeks before the final selection day and couldn't attend. He was devastated. Now, with help from the 90 MPH Club, and Dr. Tom Hansen's methods, he feels unstoppable.

If this is what he does after only 1 week, I fear I won't be able to find anybody around here who can catch him! He goes to Ft. Meyers for the PG BCS 16u Nats next week and can't wait. His coach, Tom "Flash" Gordon, hasn't seen his new-found velocity and control. He will be impressed, and I look forward to telling him that it was you who helped us.

Thanks, Paul. We look forward to the rest of the modules.

I'll make a video and send it to you when I can.


Jeff Ray, 90 MPH Club's newest true believer. 

Bushnell, FL




Last year at a Top96 baseball camp my son was clocked at 74 MPH. All of the other aspects of his pitching evaulation were positive - movement-mound presence-consisitancy-command of pitches etc.

So we began to research and I bought the 7 minute workout series. I guess it was sometime in March that he began using them and had a great deal of success and seemed to be coming along when he sustained an injury that kept him out 4 weeks.

When he was able to work out again he combined your program with some information in a pitching work out book and began to attend the gym (season was over) regularly.

The week of June 19th he attended a college baseball camp and yesterday he received an email from the coach who clocked him at 84 miles per hour!

I am not sure if it was Totally your program due to the injury/etc; however I beleive that it definatly made a difference - both the mental aspects that he was able to obtain from your video's and the physical work outs.

I appreciate your dedication to the sport. 

Elaine Williams


Pitching In the Middle East?

Coach Paul, Let me start by saying, thank you for the part you have played over the years in my development as a pitcher. All my hard work is beginning to pay off. As my dad says, "I'm on the cusp of achieving one of my long-term goals (to play college ball) and success in inevitable if I remain dedicated and focused". Over the past few years, I have gone from an 11 year old beginning pitcher barely hitting 55 mph, to a 16 year old (just had my birthday in May) who is now touching 90 mph...with an arsenal of pitches, good control, and pretty filthy late movement.

I've finally returned to the United States! It was a little earlier than we had planned because of all the political problems that happened in Bahrain (where I was living and going to school). My dad (works at the US Embassy) is still there, but in March, I was evacuated with my mom. We are currently in El Paso, TX...getting adjusted to the new school...and new HS baseball program with Franklin HS. As soon as my dad leaves Bahrain, he has to head to Afghanistan for a year -- tough for me since he has always been my "personal pitching coach".

My plan over the next few months is to continue my training program and start summer ball with Franklin Varsity HS team in June. In addition to Summer Ball 2011, I will fly Italy at the end of June to pitch and play for the Kuwait National Seniors Team during this year's LL International tournament. 

 My story is a rather unique one, Coach Paul.

Added 5 MPH, Curve, Sinker, Got Rid Of Elbow Problems And Getting Attention!

Hi Coach, 

Since he started your program just a few months ago, he has put about 5 MPH on his fastball and added two pitches: a curve and a sinker/changeup..... Shane used to complain of some elbow pain so he never really threw for long. Now he can go many innings, feels no pain and is getting faster by the week.

Shane's pitching is now also getting some attention from the other coaches including the high school JV coaches since the kids he faces (some age 16 and playing JV ball) come back to the dugout after a strikeout or blooper hit trying to explain that they can't hit the ball because it moves too much and they don't know if it's going to be slow or fast.

He's falling in love with the art of pitching. Thanks! We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Sean Alvarez (and Shane) Rutland, VT



Freshman Pitched Varsity?

Andrew this year, due to you, made his baseball team as a freshman and played varsity. Andrew was the first freshman pitcher in Beechgrove high school in Indiana to ever pitch varsity in a sectional game.

I'm including the latest thing he won and is very proud for winning. This was a team made up of 13 to 15 year olds. They played a 15 u travel team that had beat all until they got to this us. Andrew also plays for the 18 u rbi team.

Andrew is 5'11 and a whopping 145 pounds. 

Thanks for all your help


Tom Sparks



10 Year Old Mows Them Down STRUCK OUT 14 OF 15

I have been trying to implement some of your advice to my 10 year old and it has worked. He is the most accurate pitcher on his team or probably the league. We are in Yorba Linda Ca. In his second start he pitch 5 innings and pitched a perfect game, striking out 14 out of 15. The only out was a bunt attempt which my son handled and threw the batter out. He learned early how to throw a cutter and it moves quite a bit. Thanks Paul


Alan Harrier



Guns Down 4 Runners AND Adds Pop To His Fastball

Hi Paul - just wanted to give you a big thanks. My son Alex is 13 and has been doing your 7 Minute Velocity workout for about a month now. I coach his travel team and we were at a Triple Crown Tournament this weekend. On Sunday he was going to pitch but I needed him to catch for me instead – he is my second catcher and I needed my primary catcher to pitch. Unfortunately we lost the game 0-4 but Alex had a great game behind the plate. He threw out 4 runners trying to steal - 3 and 2B and 1 at 3B. This was the first time he ever threw more than 2 guys out in a game and he never did that before on the 90' diamond. I have to give you credit on 2 parts - first, I think the workouts have really strengthened his core and legs therefore leading to a stronger arm. Second, his mindset. After he came off the field in the 7th after throwing the 4th guy out I gave him a big "high-five" and he said "Dad, it was one of my goals". At that point I thought - it finally clicked with him, he gets it. He then admitted he originally wrote down a goal of throwing 4 runners out trying to steal in a game but later changed it to 3 because he thought he could never do it. It was great that he proved himself wrong.

Thanks Paul. After 30 days I have to say he is both physically and mentally stronger. Yesterday he wanted to pitch to me in the backyard being that he was not on the mound for over a week and I thought his ball did have some more pop. I can't wait to get him on the mound this week and see if anyone takes notice.


Mike Sancimino



"We purchased the 90MPH Club for our 12 year old son Avery almost 9 months ago. Since that time he has gone from 52-53 MPH to 60 MPH 2 weeks ago. He has also added a nasty sinker that has helped him greatly this season. We are playing for the championship this Sunday and his seasons stats to this point is 10 W and 1 Loss with a 1.05 ERA. He has also tossed (4) 1 hitters and a complete game shutout on just 59 pitches. Thank you so much for the program. It has turned his approach to the game around."


Will and Avery Ragsdale


From Bench Warmers To Champions Using The 90mph Club!



Just wanted you to know that we took a group of bench

warmers from our JV team, 14-15 year olds. Put them on long toss, super 7's , Energy, proper hydration and a little better eating habits. Took the trophy in the first tournament we played in Nations baseball in Gastonia, NC. Only played 8 innings on Sunday in the ship because we 10 run ruled all we played. We chopped our way all the way to the trophy!


For the weekend: 

ERA: 1.79 

1st tournament together.

30 runs scored 

16 runs allowed. Had one bad inning.

8 innings played on Sunday in 2 games. (on the good end)


Bart Greene 

Spartanburg, SC



Paul, Not a single sore arm all summer long. Unbelievable what a little chopping and tapping will do! Btw, my son has gained 5 mph on his fastball, his change is nasty and he is starting to develop a pretty good curve ball, he also has and knocked off.3 on his 60 time. He will be 16 on July 21st.


NOT ALL ABOUT THE GAS? How Joey Used His Sinker and

Change Up To Strike Out 8 Batters in 5 Innings AND Got The Game Ball!

I have really been studying your videos on the sinker and changeup for the past week or SO. It payed off the last time when I pitched. I pitched today and it was windy. So, I knew my (your) sinker and change up you have been teaching me online were going to be successful because they are offspeed and would move even more in the wind. Well, that is exactly what happened. I threw my maximum 5 innings in the game giving up only 1 earned run with 8 strike outs. We won and recieved the game ball and I owe it all to you!


 Joey Medlen 

14u Pitcher



Female Pitcher Uses 90mph Club To Breaks Barrier, Throw Gas & Play Pro Ball!!

"Just one small part of the 90 MPH Club helped elevate my game and get me to the pro level. As a female pitcher, coming up through the baseball ranks, I didn't always have the knowledge resources male players had at their disposal. The 90 MPH Club

helped me to fill that gap. The 90 MPH Club provides innovative, cutting-edge training tips and access to information that is difficult to get if you're not in a top-level D-1 or affiliated ball program. The pitch selection and sequencing discussion are worth the full purchase price alone. I hope you'll try the 90 MPH Club. Even if you don't use every single aspect of what you learn, I firmly believe you will become a better pitcher as a direct result!"


Tiffany Brooks 

Only Woman Playing Professional Baseball





My son has always been that hot shoot kid. All stars player, top pitcher, highest batting average ect,ect. But in high school he was a year to two younger then all the kids in his class.

We needed a equalizer. Something to put us on the same playing field with the older kids.

Paul Reddick was that equalizer.

Now my son at the age of 16 is pitching 80+ mph to 16-19 year old kids. His last game he ked 11 batters. Thanks Paul you're the man!!

Stefan's Dad



Pitchers Dream Come True: Gained 10mph and GOT DRAFTED!


Coach Paul Reddick:

 I'm emailing today to tell you my story and let you know all the things your program has done for me. First off I must say that the 90mph club is the best program there is. I pitched my college ball at a small division 2 school in Missouri. When I got there I had a very unimpressive fastball that was 82-84. My first two years at college I began suffering from arm injuries and missed a lot of time. After my sophomore season, I thought my baseball career was probably over, I kept having arm problems and I was pitching very poorly. It was during the summer of 2008 that I came across the 90mph club on the internet and thought about giving it a shot.

Within weeks of doing the workouts and the long toss I noticed my stuff was getting better, I had more velocity, and best of all my arm injuries were no more. I went on to have a very good junior season, win the league pitcher of the year in summer ball after my junior season, and then became an all-conference pitcher my senior season at college.

My fastball had gone from 82-84 to 91-94 and my offspeed stuff was better than ever. Then two weeks ago I realized my dream when I was drafted by the Kansas City Royals. I have to give a lot credit to your program for where I am today. I would highly recommend this program to any pitcher who is serious about getting everything out of themselves.


Thanks for your time, 

Christian Witt


"1 Hitter! Slider, Curve and Split Were Dirty....He Stopped Listening To
The Traditional Coaches Who Wanted To Change His Arm Angle"

I've been a relief pitcher all season, throwing an inning here and there but mostly sitting the bench. One of our starters got hurt and they gave me the start against Wheat Ridge High School, the number one ranked team in 4A in Colorado. We won 12-1 in five innings (10 run rule). The one run was a home run in the first by their three hitter (a split that he got uunder just enough to get it out). For the rest of the game i walked three, struck out two, and gave up no other hits. I gave up a one-hitter to the best team in Colorado! It was the best day of my life.

My slider, curve, and split were dirty as all heck. I couldn't locate my fastball so only threw it about 50% of the time. It's not over-powering but because of the control i had on everything else they were behind, uncomfortable, and looking like little leaguers. I threw a total of, (get this) 51 pitches! I only had to throw about 10 pitches an inning to beat the best team in the state! Thank you so much for your videos on release point for all of the pitches, but most of all for the video on arm angles. I used to have a Pedro Martinez release; the coaches changed it to way over the top; i reverted back to it the last half of this season, and bam! One hitter haha. 

Thank you again Paul.

- Cameron Dietz




Just wanted to give you the latest update...... Ok, Vinny made the middle school team and they are carrying 22 players and they all split time which is a great way to introduce them to school ball. Vinny has pitched in one game thus far. Came in relief with the bases loaded nobody out with his team down by a run. Struck out the side and got his team out of the jam..... Was dominate the rest of the way recording 7 strikeouts in 4 innings with no runs allowed and got his 1st school career win.

Vinny has been continuing with your program and we did some long toss today.... Stats below:

Long Toss Max distance today was 225 feet Max MPH - 59 today!!!!!!

HOLY MACKAREL is all I have to say! He wanted to break 60 real bad today but I know next time out he will break 60. I spoke with him and asked him for a new revised goal for August just before he gets to Cooperstown..... New Goal is 65...... He just said to me dad what happens if I hit 65 by July !!! LOL..... What a great problem to have right!!!!

Just wanted to keep you abreast of your favorite fan in Massapequa..... Vinny Amalfitano(12U)



Joe Amalfitano

12 Year Old Pitcher Gains 7mph And Coach Using Workouts With Team

Good morning Paul. Love your system and the work outs for my son have been paying off. I use them as warm ups for the entire team. My son Ryan has jumped from 65 mph to 72-74 mph!  He is 12 and threw four innings, with 1 hit allowed. He proceeded to pick the kid off at first base. Had six strike outs. He loves the cutter video. Thank you and I've attached a video clip of him this last Saturday.

Jason Mccarty


"5'6" Lefty Fools Hitters With Change And Breaking Ball"

Dear Coach Paul,

My name is Joseph Casa. I have been a member of the 90 mph club for some time now and I think it is amazing. My older cousin invested in this when I asked him to help me out and improve my performance. I am so grateful that I found this site. I am currently a junior in high school in Chicago, Illinois. I'm a left handed pitcher, only about 5'6'. Before joining this program, my fastball was weak and my off speed was missing some bite. I now throw a good changeup that really fools hitters as well as my breaking ball. My catcher noticed that I must be consistently throwing in the high 70's, which is a big step up from before. My last two outings were great, I just shut down a top team in our city. Sadly, we lost 2-0 with two unearned runs. I gave up about two or three hits that made no impact on the game. There is so much more I can say. This will help extremely when it is time to try and play in college.. Thank you for your time Coach Paul!


Sincerely, Joseph Casa



"Picked Up 5MPH and Signed National Letter Of Intent"

Stephen Dickerson, a 6'1", 185 lb. 17-year old in the graduating Class of 2011 from Danbury, CT, signed his National Letter of Intent to play for the Dustdevils of Texas A&M International in Laredo, TX next season. Dickerson is currently 3-1 with a 1.20 ERA, strikeout-to-walk ratio of 9:1, opposing batting average (OBA) of 151, an on-base percentage of .187, and WHIP of 729. Velocity was clocked at 82-mph (Stalker) by a Boston Red Sox scout on April 18th, and his breaking ball is sharp and crisp. When Dickerson joined the 90-mph Club just 3-months ago, his velocity was 77-78-mph. Far from full physical maturity, by continuing to work hard, and remaining fundamentally and mechanically sound, another 6-8-mph is just around the corner.


Touching 90mph!


I have been doing your super 7 legs 5 times a week as well as the energy workouts everyday along with running up to 12 miles a week and lifting, and I have seen great results. I have not been gunned yet this year but my coach is saying its easily high 80's, and I might even be touching 90's. I like all the weekly advice you send as well working on the mental side of the game because I have trying to read as much material as I can on pitching strategies and what not, Whatever will take me to my greatest potential and give me an edge over my opponents. Yesterday in my game against our rival Valley, I went the distance pitching 7 innings striking out 13 giving up 4 hits and walking 2, but chalked up a loss which is a little frustrating. We made 7 errors and 3 base running mistakes in a 3-2 loss. In every outing I feel as if I am becoming better and stronger as the season grows deeper, which is something positive I can take out of this game.

Thanks for all your help and support! I'll continue to keep you updated


Dave Yakopec



"HIT 89mph Several Times"


Coach Paul, 

Just wanted to let you know that last Thursday I pitched the best i have all season.


Hit 89 mph several times! Still haven't got to the "big nine oh" yet :( 

I feel it coming though!


Stats for this weekend, 7 innings pitched, 

3 hits, 0 er, 8 k's. 



Stephen Leskow



Just a note to say thanks. Chip couldn't break into the starting rotation last year. This year he has worked hard using your system and has earned the start on opening day. The thing that makes me pleased is when he does make a bad pitch, he can tell you why he made the bad pitch and then make the correction the next pitch. We still have a lot of work to do, but we are seeing some rewards. Thanks.


C. Alan Ogles MD




Chip pitched 3 innings today. Had a no-no going until the 3rd. gave up a Texas leaguer.

2 errors and then scored 2 runs. All 9 outs were ks. Only 3 walks. It was odd. He didn't have good control of his FB, but his cutter and change were nasty.

Thanks a bunch. He's getting better. 

C. Alan Ogles MD 




"Ball Is Jumping Out Of My Hands. I'm Leading The Team In Saves"

Hey Paul,

I'm a DI pitcher and years I have been past on because of my velocity because I was only at 83-84 mph. However, from the addition with just the 30 day trial I feel like my time is just about to come. I have just done the warmups and the leg workouts and I can already feel the ball jump out of my hand. I have gone from being in meaningless games (losing 11-0) to leading the team in saves and coming into to hold teams in conference games with only a 1 run lead. I would just like to thank you very much for the addition you have made to my career and I can only wait until I can email you back and tell you where my final velocity is at.

For those kids who think its too late to to add velocity to their fastball and another pitch to your arsenal you obviously don't want it bad enough. Regardless if you are playing juco ball or in the SEC, you can get better and it is a step in the right direction if you join the club. If you think other people won't pick up the program than you don't want to play pro ball, give your spot up to somebody who wants to have the opportunity to play at the next level. Get the program, do the workouts, get the results you want.

I have only been at this program for two weeks and the program has made my fastball jump out of my hand alot easier because the warmup and workouts have enabled me to get loose easier rather than running 20 poles. I can't believe the knowledge that you possess and I hope to have a baseball conversation with you face to face one day. I can understand why parents are buying the program for their kids now because they wish they had this resource when they played back in the day.

Ryan Dillabough



Longtime Member Using 90mph Club To Prepare For Pro Ball!

Hey Paul,

First off just want to thank you for everything that you've done with the 90 mph club. I've been a member since February 2009 and have loved every second of it! I am currently training for my first season of pro ball and lately had been feeling like my body wasn't quite where it needed to be. I've been training all off-season and I needed something to kick it in to high gear. That's when you came out with the 7 Minute Velocity Workout program. I instantly signed up and it was the answer I was looking for! I've thoroughly enjoyed your velocity mindset videos on there as well; I really think that your mindset is a key to optimal performance. I have been clocked sitting at 88-90 and haven't been on the gun since I've started the program. I'm really looking forward to when I do, last bullpen catcher asked me if I had been holding back all off-season. Said I was throwing significantly harder! Those that missed out on this need to be waiting by their computers the next time you do this! Look forward to the rest of the workouts.

- Chris Welborn



From 82 to 87 MPH!

Dear Coach Reddick,

I want to start by thanking you for the outstanding program. It truly is one of a kind! The DVDs, online content, and manuals are top notch. The materials begin with explanations that really make the coaching points click, the workouts have given me more SIGNIFICANTLY better results in just a few months than I have gotten out of more traditional training methods in the last 2-3 years!

When I started this program in the fall of 2010 (my sophomore year of college), I was topping out at 82 mph and sitting at around 77-79 mph pitching for an NCAA Division II program and was forced to rely heavily on off-speed "junk" pitches in order to get outs. Now, in the late winter/early spring of 2011, just a few short months later, I am topping out 87! Now I rely much more heavily on my fastball and guess what else? All my off speed, junky pitches have improved as well! I know this is 100% thanks to your program! I would also like to thank you for the personal correspondence I've had with you and how much you really care about your members. I have e-mailed you on several occasions and have never had to wait more than a couple hours for a response, which, I think is one of the single best things about being a 90mphclub member. Hoping to be reaching the 90 mph mark and above soon! 

--- A very, very satisfied Pitcher! #3 

P.S. I would like to add that my teammates now joke that my fastball last year was slower than my change-up this year!



Pitcher Defies The Odds and Uses 90mph Club To Prove Doctors Wrong!!

Mr. Reddick,

6 months ago i was involved in an accident that broke my elbow the doctors told me I would probably never get back to throwing a baseball again and if i did it would be at least 2 years. i am proud to say that i am now throwing flat grounds again and am continuing to defy the odds and the doctors words. They are in total shock and i owe much of this to you. I was involved in your club a while back and have continued to use the techniques and strength programs you provided while under the watch of the doctors. These videos are proof that your program works. - Closer 28



ADDED 6 MPH! People Accused Him Of Using Roids!

Dear Paul,

I am a sophomore at Marvyille College, an NCCA Division 3 affiliated school. I was really excited when I was recruted to this school and worked hard to compete for the spring. We had a pretty deep pitching staff, but I felt like I could compete. Long story short I played a very minimal amount of innings on the Junior Varsity team due to an arm injury.

The season inspired me to work extremely hard during the summer to earn some innings the next year. I was committed to working out and running, but it felt like I kept hitting a brick wall after a while. I was looking online for some pitching tips, and some how I found the 90 mile per hour site. (I think my mom showed me a Zinger article) anyway I looked at it and asked my dad whether or not I should try it. He looked at it and noticed the 30 day trial, so we figured we'd give it a shot.

From day one I loved the focus of the workouts and the way they were taken to the extreme with whatever you had available. I focused the whole summer on being commited to this program and noticed some nice gains from it. I did struggle on the mound at first with my new velocity gains. I struggled in the form of control. It was a great summer to work on stuff for the season.



"Hurt Dad's HAND :)"


I wanted to thank you and to let you know how impressed I am with what you are doing. When I started looking for ways to help my son regain his confidence on hispitching about a month ago, and not knowing how to do this in a short timeperiod, since he was already in the middle of baseball tryout at his HS). Iran into your program on the web. I felt pretty confident with giving yourprogram a try since through the years I have seen some of your short clipsin you tube but was not really aware you had this program. I signed up andE-mailed you expecting some sort of reply in the near future. To myamazement, you replied in less than 2 hours. THAT WAS AMAZING!!!! I knew then I had made the right choice. After I videotaped him at your request, I could see quite a few problem but no idea how I could help him. We then had the web meeting with you, and I cannot thank you enough on your analysis andthe way you explained every movement cause and effect and gave him a fewthings to work on. He was so excited to go try then knowing why he was to dothem, not just someone telling him to do this drill etc..

He convinced me to go catch with him even thought it was getting dark outside. It had only been a few minutes since we got off the phone with you. He was not trying to throw hard, just to concentrate on what you told him, but for the first time in about a year my hand was hurting when I caught him, but don't let him know I said that. Can't wait to tape him again in about 2 weeks to see his improvement. Till then... 


Juan Leon



“53 Year Old Hitting Coach Using 90mph Club

To Dominte Players 20 years Younger?"



I was asked this year to help start a baseball team in a large city to be named later. I was asked to pitch in this league seeing that we were the leftovers that no one wanted, and few of us actually stepped up and said we would pitch. Now granted, I did play one year beyond the college level on the west coast, but as an infielder and not a pitcher. but enough of that.

Currently I am a hitting coach for a 5A high school team and give private instructions as well, and a personal trainer. Being the good coach that I am, I have studied pitching for years...( Know Thy Enemy) All of my students do exceedingly well at eating alive pitchers that only have that average talent and no mindset to pitching. So getting back to the baseball team I was asked to pitch for, I didnt want to be one of those pitchers that got tattooed every time I toed the rubber, but we both know that my first 2 starts were more like " chuck and duck".

I broke down and joined the 90MPH and have been studying the videos between workouts and practices...( I was in good shape to start with ) But I knew I had to figure out how to keep from blowing up my arm before the end of summer. And I totally convinced I have found it. I opened module 2, and the clouds parted and a beam of light from the heavens shown, and for some reason I heard a choir in the It was the Queen Bee that got things started, then on to the drills....then when you dispelled the "Balance Point" about pitching with the video' all clicked.

So in the next game I played I came in, in the 3rd inning, down by 8..what did I have to lose ? So I warmed up like I was doing the drills and what a difference in velocity, accuracy, and movement. Best of all, I wasnt working nearly as hard as I used to. At least it didnt feel like it...I actually thought I wasnt throwing as hard as I used to..until my catcher joking complained that all my pitches looked like a fastball...and that this was the hardest he had seen me throw.


"Instantly Get More Movement And Control"


My 17 year old son has seemed to hit a wall at 84-85 mph. Since we have received the 90mph system a couple weeks ago, he is doing the workouts and studied the pitches dvd. We have not been able to gun him yet, however he feels strong and stable and excited about seeing what his velocity is at. He had problems with his change up and with your instruction with the 90mph system has been able to almost instantly get more movement and control. You make it very clear and simple on what is important in throwing these pitches. Can't wait to see the results from the workouts and other information you have given him. We will let you know his progress! 

Thanks Again!!! 

- HB Sablotny





If you want to add MPH to your fastball and take your pitching

to the next level then Paul Reddick is the way to go.

Goose Gossage,
Baseball Hall of Fame

"Paul is a great coach who really knows his stuff.

He’s the only guy I trust to run my camps.

Yogi Berra




My passion has always been helping pitchers get better.

Paul Reddick shares that same passion. His program gives pitchers

of all ages the right information and instruction to reach their goals.

Dave Eiland, Pitching Coach Kansas City Royals


For parents, pitchers and coaches who want the big league edge,

I would recommend Paul Reddick.

Paul is one of those guys who takes pitchers to the next level.

Rick Honeycutt, Pitching Coach LA Dodgers



I’ve been a subscriber of Paul Reddick for years.

I would recommend his program for any pitcher who wants to get to the next level.

Derek Johnson, Pitching Coach Cinncinati Reds


Paul, just wanted to say you do a great Job, and you always have great information. Keep up the great work. I'm sure you help so many kids all over the country.

Chris Sinacori Pitching Coach Wake Forest

"Paul is like a legend in the pitching industry"

- Mike Reinold, Boston Red Sox 

I’m 100% behind the mission of Paul Reddick.

He understands excellence both on and off the field

Brent Kemnitz, Pitching Coach, Wichita State

At Stalker, We stand behind Paul’s mission to help players, parents

and coaches improve and enjoy all aspects of the game.

Stalker is proud to be the official radar gun of the 90mph Club

Stalker Radar

I see loads of players coming through my door wanting to know why they wound up injured – and the answer always comes down to a lack of preparation. Lots of guys work hard, but not many guys work smart, too. That’s where Paul Reddick can help you. If you want to throw harder and stay healthy while doing so, Paul is a great place to start.

- Eric Cressey 

“I have been following Paul for years, long before I ever knew him personally, and I was always blown away by the content he was offering to the baseball community!  His passion for the game of baseball has helped me become a better coach!  I have since gotten to know Paul personally, and I will say this, if you have the chance to get Paul Reddick involved with your program in any way, you do it!  He is absolutely the best!  His messages will help any organization achieve to its maximum capabilities and create a synergy that is hard to match!  What he has to offer, whether it be through a speaking engagement or one of his programs, is second to none!  Get Paul involved with your program and you and your program will reap the rewards!”


Matt Bragga, Head Coach Tennesee Tech

"Paul is a solid operator and a reliable teammate"

- Mark Divine, Navy SEAL Commander


About Paul


Paul Reddick changes pitcher's careers and is known as the "Pitcher Reporgrammer". His students have called him the "Master of MPH", endorsed by Hall Of Famers, MLB pitching coaches, and Navy SEALs. His signature program the 90mph is used by more pitchers than any program ever created. He co-authored The Picture Perfect Pitcher with pitching guru Tom House, coached with the Expos, scouted with Pirates, and was Yogi Berra's camp director for 15 years. 

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