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Let me ask you a question. 


It's the most important question I could ever ask a pitcher…


"Is there a SAVAGE ANIMALISTIC COMPETITOR inside of you who wants to hunt down hitters….intimidate, annihilate, destroy, devastate,

and humiliate them?"


If you could, you'd make them cry, too, right? 


You want to blow them away with your fastball, but you also want to freeze them by sticking one on the outside corner for a called strike three, right? 


You want them to look foolish on your breaking ball. You want them chasing a deuce that breaks out of the zone and also lock them up with one that starts at their ear and drops in for a strike, right? 


You want to humiliate them with your change-up. You want them out in front waving at it or forcing them to make soft contact by tapping a weak ground ball out, correct? 


You live for the moments when a hitter stands in the box frozen like a statue after you just shoved….or when they're walking back to the dugout shaking their head, frustrated, and confused, trying to figure out what you just did to them. 


Am I wrong? 


Or the best…as they walk back to the dugout, they shoot you that look. You know the look. They glance at you, pissed off because they know you just got them. 


You love that, don't you? 


I can feel you nodding your head, saying "yes," and agreeing with everything I just said.


Here's why...





It's a competitive force inside you that only exists in pitchers. 

You've had it for as long as you can remember. 


It's the part of you that...


  • Draws you to the pitch. 

  • Calls you to the mound. 

  • Wants to take the ball. 

  • Craves competition. 


…and when a hitter steps in the box…




This is why you pitch. You wouldn't go near the mound if you didn't have this competitive force. It's a good thing. It's the very best part of you.

Be really honest…


Do you fully release that part of you?


Has it been long since the SAVAGE ANIMALISTIC COMPETITOR showed up on the mound?


You know he's in there, but up until now have struggled to let him out fully. 


Are you worried that if you released this side of yourself, you might come off as a jerk? Don't worry about that. You can release this part of you without being a jerk. 


FINAL QUESTION: What do you imagine would happen to your career

if you found a way to release that SAVAGE ANIMALISTIC COMPETITOR? 


No need to imagine. Get ROAR now and wake up SAVAGE ANIMALISTIC COMPETITOR today!

Download ROAR Now! Just $5 

About: Paul Reddick transforms pitchers. Endorsed by Hall Of Famers, MLB pitching coaches, and Navy SEALs, his students have even called him the "Master of MPH."

His signature program, The 90mph Club, is used by more pitchers than any program ever created.He co-authored The Picture Perfect Pitcher with pitching guru Tom House, coached with the Expos, scouted with Pirates, and was Yogi Berra's camp director for 15 years.

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