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      Finally! A The Answers Baseball Dads Needs!

A few years back, the game started to change. These changes caused much confusion for Baseball Dads. Because of this, I started making two hours available in my schedule every day to take calls from these dads to help them navigate this new baseball world. No strings attached. 


Anyone in our community could sign up for a half-hour call. Most of the time, I didn't know who they were or what they would ask me.


I've done this religiously for the last eight years, and this year eclipsed 6000 calls. I've lost track of every topic I discussed, but I can tell you that every call had similar themes…

1. Each Dad had a specific problem or challenge. 


2. They needed straight answers to help their son from someone with experience.


3. They couldn't get an honest answer from their local coaches.

I was happy to provide these Dads with the answers they needed to help their sons and even happier to bring you this new catalog.


This site is like the answers each Dad sought. No fluff. No filler. No fancy graphics or design. Just straight answers. No B.S. --- This site will live up to its name. 


  • These programs are designed to listen to on your way to work, practice, or games. 

  • Programs vary between 18 and 60 minutes and are available for immediate download. 

  • Audio programs are marked by 🎧. Video programs are marked by 📺

  • Each category has a discounted bundle offer. The Mega Bundle offers the biggest discount. 

Paul Reddick


Adding Velocity Audio Book - $9 
A dad's crash course in Velo development - 🎧

The Velocity Tests - $7 📺 - Mega-Bundle Exclusive
A Is your son leaving velocity on the table? 

High-Velocity Mechanics Checkpoints - $7 📺 - Mega-Bundle Exclusive
A super simple formula for checking if your son has Low-Velocity mechanics? 

Helping A Pitcher Re-gain Command On The Mound - $7 🎧
Going from balls to strikes and walks to strikeouts! 

The Truth About The Curveball - $5 🎧
How your son can safely throw a duece. 

Throwing Deadly Change-Ups and Sinkers - $9 📺 - Mega-Bundle Exclusive
Pull the string, throw off hitters timing, and dominate!

Throwing Incredibly Filthy Curveball, Sliders, and Cutters - $9 📺
There are good breaking ball hitters, but nobody hits a good breaking ball. - Mega-Bundle Exclusive

Tough Pitcher - $7 🎧
Buckle up. This fast paced presentation will bring out the fierce competitor in your son!

Fearless Pitcher - $9 📺
A massive 6-part Master Class on taking the mound with confidence!

 SAVE 58% with the PITCHING BUNDLE -  for just $29 



Coaching Your Son When You're The Head Coach - $4 🎧
Striking the delicate balance between dad and coach. 

My Son Gets So Emotional After Games - $7 🎧
Get your son back on track and ready for his next game!

My Son Has A Big Try Out Coming Up - $7 🎧
Helping your son to play his best when it means the most. 

Dealing With Distraction Of Social Media, Video Games, & YouTube - $5 🎧
How to get our sons off the screens and back on the field? 

Giving Your Son Feedback (so he listens) - $5 🎧
It's all in the approach. You'll be the guy your son WANTS to listen to. 

How Do I Help My Son Be Realistic About His Future - $5 🎧
How to keep him grounded while still encouraging him to go for it. 

My Son's Coach Is Asking Him To Change Positions - $5 🎧
Tricky situation, but it can also be a great long-term opportunity!

Dad's Guide To Picking A Travel Team - $7 📺 
Putting your son on the right team can make or break his career. 

7 Crucial Conversations A Baseball Father Should Have With His Son - $9 📺
Today's game is different. You and your son have to be ready. 

How To Reach, Inspire, And Coach The Gen Z Player - $9 📺
What motivated us will not work today. A simple guide to encouraging this generation. 

What To Do When Your Son Messes Up feat. Paul Reddick - $9 📺
Big error? Strikeout? Know exactly what to say so your son bounces back strong. 

7 Ugly Truths About Travel Baseball Every Parent Needs to Hear - $9 📺
Travel ball can eat you alive and drain your wallet. Ignore at your own peril.

How To Get Your Son In The Zone - $9 📺 
Big game, Try out, Showcase...have your son locked in and ready to go!  

How Do I Let Go When My Son Moves Up - $5 🎧
It's hard on us, too. Here's how to let your son take the reins and enjoy the ride. 

 SAVE 60% with the DADS BUNDLE - Just $39




When you upgrade to the Mega-Bundle now, you'll not only get every program listed on this page; you'll also get some HUGE BONUSES... 

If purchased separately, the entire catalog would cost $280. This will increase to $149 per year, but you can get lifetime access for just a one-time payment of $97. 

Purchased Separately - $280 
Just One Installment Of $97

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